Citation: Matsuyama, Frank A. How to use the yawara stick for police. Berkeley, URI/DOI: Rights: The use of the digitized . Why You Should Learn to Use the Palm Stick for the purpose of self defense ( also called a kubotan or yawara stick in Japanese systems and an olisii palad or . Author: Matsuyama F. A. Title: How to use the Yawara stick Year: Link download: How the.

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To walk him away, the Officer puts adversary’s elbow back of his own left hip and steps away from adversary as in D T-3 This shows Officer tapping inside shin of adversary with Yawara stick.

Just enter your name and email below:. This Yawara hold is eoually effective from either side. If the palm stick is being used as a training aid to represent other weapons such as the knife, as it is in many Filipino martial arts, this is not so much of an issue. How to use the Yawara stick Year: Mushrooming without fear The beginner’s guide to collecting safe A great benefit of learning to use a palm stick is that so many hos can be used as one, including pens, pencils, salt shakers, wrenches, screw drivers The tactical flashlight as a palm stick can also blind an attacker at night, and the pen as a palm stick can be used as a dagger.

Palm Stick

If adversary attempts to strike Officer while sitting in car or while driving. With the Yawara stick and this manual, the Officers cannot usee.


A common version is pictured below:. If adversary mists or refuses to come along. Officer then releases hold on wrist and strikes blow with bottom side of fist, to the solar-plexus. They are not shown here be- cause the use of such blows are ob- iectinnnblo to the public when used by Officers. However, flashlights are legal to carry everywhere, including on planes. Should anyone attempt to take the Yawara stick from the Officer, these “spikes” will leave a very telling mark. Officer uses hack-hand strike with Yawara stick to adversary’s fist.

Officer grabs collar tightly, pushing upward as he shoves the Yawara stick into adver- sary’s kidney. With the Yawara stick in the right hand, ele- vate both arms to horizontal position and fold arms, plac- stik left hand under right arm pit.

The Yawara stick is the answer. Still continuing the follow through, the Officer turns his own right wrist flat-ways, with Yawara slick horizon- tal, and forces his hand for- ward over hiw upper arm of adversary, hooking it firmly with the Yawara stick now in vertical position. Officer uses same blow to crotch. Another very good way to conceal the Yawara stick for instant use. X-4 If adversary attempts to es- cape, strike hard blow with end of Yawara stick to kid- ney.

Officer strikes adversary on chin with Yawara stick as shown. As Interfering adversary drops, a sharp blow with the Yawara st. Officer feints as if to throw Tawara stick directly into face of adver- sary. Otherwise Officer proceeds to H Having observed also that some Officers unfortunately have to accept early retirement, due to injuries or ailments resulting from altercations in the performance of their duties, and still others who could not enjoy regular retirement due to ill health, I decided to try and do something about it.


This hold is particu- larly valuable in holding an Insane person. For the Officer who wants to do his job better and enjoy the good health and happiness to which he is entitled upon retirement, the Yawara stick is the proper “tool” for his Police job.

Schwab Alexander – Mushrooming without fear Author: See the Covered Blast for much more on this topic. Such marks will prove valuable evidence, even years later, should the culprit escape.

Officer then grabs extended fingers of ad- versary, bends them down- ward and backward. BB-1 Adversary attempts to stnke Officer as shown.

Matsuyama F. A. – How to use the Yawara stick – Aryana Libris

There- fore he cannot fight or wrestle for too long a period. Officer can still hold both hands on wheel or release right hand from wheel if nec- essary. Most palm stick defenses you’ll see taught begin with striking the arm of an incoming punch.