There was antioxidant activity reported from Heracleum persicum (Golpar). Key Words: Heracleum persicum extracts, Sperm, Mice, Chromatin, DNA integrity. Heracleum persicum, a herbaceous perennial invasive plant native to Iran, was introduced to Europe via England (Rijal, Alm, et al., ). Effects of golpar (Heracleum persicum Desf.) and probiotics in drinking water on performance, carcass characteristics, organ weights, blood.

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Assessment of nuclear DNA integrity of epididymal spermatozoa following experimental chronic spinal cord injury in the rat. In our case, the height difference of dominant native species had a positive effect on evenness; however, evenness had a negative relationship with the cover difference between H. Heracleum persicum Persian hogweed ; mature plant herzcleum on a roadside.

Heracleum persicum – Wikipedia

Norwegian flora Norsk Floraseventh edition. Seed production depends on the size of the inflorescence. Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, 5: Impact on Biodiversity H. Det Norske Samlaget, pp. In northern Norway, the plant starts growing when snow is melted, i.


Our sampling strategy was not designed to disentangle whether the presence of A. Therapeutic effects of some medical plants and vegetables are well known since they generally are used as food and folk medicine for many diseases as well. Eighteen species new to the flora of Iraq. Oecologia, — The roles of environmental factors, population density, and life stage.

It is shade intolerant in general. We resampled genetic diversity and invasibility 10, times for each location in a group of five samples with replacement. Perhaps it can be concluded that the presence of this compound in H.

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Retrieved December 31, Dense stands of species around recreational areas e. Finland’s national strategy on invasive alien species.

It should be noted that there is no conflict of interest regarding our results. Open in a separate window. The invaded plots had nearly two native species fewer than the noninvaded plots on average.


Most of the suitable habitats for native species are occupied by vigorous hybrids. A stochastic theory of resource competition, invasion, and community assembly. Adapted from Often and GraffNielsen et al. AO is a metachromatic fluorescence staining that is used to determine the rate of DNA denaturation.

Heracleum persicum (Persian hogweed)

Fluctuating resources in plant communities: Alm T, Jensen C, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Articles from Ecology and Evolution hdracleum provided here courtesy of Wiley-Blackwell. Find articles by Neda Taghizabet. The lack pefsicum positive correlation between impacts and genetic diversity of H. Anthriscus sylvestris is rapidly expanding in Norway, mostly in abandoned fields and other disturbed habitats.

The harsh climate of northern Norway, with a short summer and long winter, is a likely explanation for the general paucity of exotic species in our subarctic plots.