“Gung Gee Fook Fu Kuen” – 工字伏虎拳 – Domando o Tigre. The Gung Gee Fook Fu Kuen is one of the oldest Shaolin fist forms and was transmitted by the last abbot of the monastery, Chi Sim, to one of his best students. This form really keeps me busy,I have been reading many interpretations taken from the LWS book,seen many different variations etc.

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Seems like a major clue to me. They just dont have the Gung Gee part. I think if any has the material to compare and make educated guesses it would be you or your sifu Or would Gung Ji Kuen be choreographed to better demonstrate the methodologies of the old from the temple coming Fook Fu Kuen? Thoughtless use of those methods can cause serious traumas!

Part 3 50 min. Part 1 58 fkok. There are many hand forms but none of them really resembles gung gee.

I of course also value Fu Hok and Titsin but for me gung gee is the spine of hung gar kuen. This was always my interpretation, but what do I know Not that methodologies are not present in Fook Fu Kuen, but in Gung Ji Kuen they are simply slapping in your face, so obviously patterned for the purpose of transmitting them.


The Fook Fu part was probably one set and the gung gee part could have gu a few short siu lam sets.

I read that LSW choreographed the form,merged it together with kyen or 4 different sets. If you are going to use this film as a teaching guide it is necessary to be careful during training and to mind the speed and the strength of blows.

I always thought that the Fook Fu part comes out of siu lam and the gung gee part was added later by whom? It includes basic techniques and fighting methods of the Southern Shaolin Tiger styleone of the most effective style of hand-to-hand fighting in the Chinese Kung Fu. The methods shown in fi film belong to a fighting section not sports section!

Download DVD Hung Gar Gung Gee Fook Fu Kuen Form

The forms have dynamic tension parts but instead the one finger to heaven its played with a tiger claw Pavel Macek Practical Hung Kyun facebook. What do you guys think about this idea? Board index All times are UTC. A few ge are shown for each method depending on enemy’s actions, his position, distance and so on.

Find in a library : Hung Kuen fundamentals : Gung Gee Fok Fu Kuen

The version presented in this film is completely based on the book of the same name written by outstanding Grand Master Lam Sai Wing The Chinese are very “punny” that way. Some protective outfit is used to prevent serious traumas. A t present, there are several different versions of this Tao Lu. Jisin sim si has taught this set to his apprentice Luk Achoi in Hoitung monastery foko Canton.


Part 2 56 min. I heard Wong Fei Hung choreographed it then Bung heard it comes out of siu lam Everything is shown in details at different camera angles as well as in slow-motion.

I also remember my fook saying that the old master in Malaysia forgot the wohle ggffk and thats why they just played the fook fu part.

The methods are demonstrated with full contacts and with actual fighting speed. What I know from first hand is that our malaysian lineage Ho Kam Wai sigung originally didnt have GGFFK,they have the fook fu part under a different name,they have plenty of other handsets.

Tao Lu Gung Gee Fook Fu was preserved as the most valuable gem by several generations of masters of Hung Gar style, powerful successor of ege combat traditions of the Southern Shaolin.