Download or read online Ericsson Components Ericsson RBS RBS , Ericsson Components, dyson pg dlf nds pdf Accessories, The GSM Macro. Manuals and User Guides for Ericsson RBS We have 2 Ericsson RBS manuals available for free PDF download: Reference Manual, Hardware. View and Download Ericsson RBS reference manual online. RBS Accessories pdf manual download. Also for: Rbs

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Each direction upstream and downstream is supervised independently of the other.

Ericsson RBS 2106 Manuals

Ranges for both climate unit types are given in the table below. Page The reports uses the Real time of node for time stamps and the individual faults uses the Relative time of unit for their time stamps.

Air-to-air Heat Exchanger The inside air that has passed the heat exchanger is blown through the evaporator, cooled and returned to the cabinet subracks. RBS cabinet is limited to three in this case. Page An indicator on the front panel is lit for each TMA in operational mode.

  ASTM F1537 PDF

Synchronization RBS to be used for synchronization. RU Mode is Remote. Page 33 Not Appl.

Supervision Of Reference Source Correct and continuous frame number. Page 4 RBSRBS Reference Manual Due to continued progress in methodology, design and manufacturing, the contents of this document are subject to revision without notice. Page At least one timeslot on TCH sricsson be enabled. Supervision Of Memory If a fault is detected the fault is reported to the fault handling functions.

Mobile Station Power Control Page TM supply 40 A TDMA structure and with the timing of the cell.

Broadcast TDMA structure and with the timing of the cell. Page RBS can be cascaded. LOS ceases Recovery of frame alignment signal. Page Mode Modify Displays the individual LBO values for a T1 transmission interface.

RBS 2106 Poster

Indicators Current per output 1 – 6 Max. Page RX chain.

The procedure runs autonomously as long as the GSL is active. The output power is measured at the TX reference point, see Section Old measurement results are Optionally cleared.

Page 91 RBS cabinet is limited to three in this case. If a fault is detected the fault is reported to the fault handling functions. TMA is ericwson working properly. In the RBSfor example, the cables are Passive.



Frequency Allocation Support Note that the rbd, which is mm deep, is not included in the footprint, as it does not reach down to the ground. Dimensions And Weight 71 mm 14 TE x 5. Local Mode Indicator X-bus The X-bus carries transmit air data frames between transceivers.

Locking To The Reference Source Page HW supervision and SW handling.

Ericsson RBS Manuals

Page The fault is reported as External Condition Fault. This eridsson function has low system priority and is performed as a background activity. The Operational indicator is turned off if applicable, see Section Table of contents Table Of Contents Page The functions above are for general purpose use. External Alarms Indicator No external alarm connected to an inlet in any cabinet is active. Unit Description, Dc-filter 01