Eiji Yoshikawa was a Japanese historical novelist. Among his best-known novels are revisions As an example, Yoshikawa took up Taiko’s original manuscript in 15 volumes to retell it in a more . فارسی · Français · 한국어 · Hrvatski · Bahasa Hulontalo · Bahasa Indonesia · Italiano · Magyar · 日本語 · Português · Română. EIJI YOSHIKAWA was born in in Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo. He began his literary career at the age of twenty-two. Author Eiji Yoshikawa. Eiji Yoshikawa Taiko Indonesia Pdf Free · 8 more Sep Beth Brown posted blog posts. Murari The Mad Gentleman Telugu Full Movie Hd.

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His other books also serve similar purposes and, although most of his novels are not original works, he created a huge amount of work and a renewed interest in the past.

Selain tentang kepemimpinan, buku ini ngasih banyak filosofi hidup yang dalam. Hideyoshi is such a fascinating protagonist, unlike any of the samurai of his time, which is part tsiko why I love this so much. This book, together with “Musashi”, indeed made me, until now, eager to learn anything related with japan.

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Their divergent leadership styles are eloquently expressed in the answers to this question presented at the beginning of the book: To ask other readers questions about Taikoplease sign up.

Ceramah itu juga membawa pesan, kewibawaan dan kekuasaan selalu terkait dengan tanggungjawab. Kalo tdk dibuat HC, barangkali punggung bukunya patah sejuta kali saat dibaca. The Best Books of Although focussing primarily on one man, Taiko paints an incredibly detailed portrait of feudal Japan during the time that war between clans was continuous and alliances forged and broken on a daily basis.


Yoshikawa has an excellent way of taking the historical Japan full of political intrigue and bitter rivals and weaving into a simply story of a young man finding his way in a samurai dominated feudal Japan.

Eiji Yoshikawa

Waktu itu bacanya karena tukar pinjam sama seorang teman. Along the way we get to see lots of Nobunaga, Tokugawa and other important indonrsia of the period.

That being said, the various subordinate characters are interesting, and throughout, the book conveys a strong sense of what it must have been like to live in Japan during Good book on a historic period of feudal strife in Japan. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Mitsuhide’s brilliance elji downplayed, while he was winning the wars for Nobunaga.

As you can see, it’s a very “grandiose” style, but one that I find makes it relatively easy to read, took me about 2 weeks to read the entire book. One can imagine that the real history is somewhat like that, but I believe one would be gravely mistaken to take this AS history.

Taiko: An Epic Novel Of War And Glory In Feudal Japan : Eiji Yoshikawa :

But I keep reading it anyway since my experience reading Musashi was great. Dalam suasana perang yang penuh tipu muslihat dia mengandalkan kejujuran dan komunikasi dari hati ke hati. Sekitar tahun 90 — an novel Taiko pernah dirilis sejumlah sepuluh volume sebelum digabung menjadi satu buku seperti versi baru. Ak Novel ini mengambil seting Jepang zaman dahulu ketika keshogunan dalam masa kritis dan peperangan perebutan kekuasaan terjadi di mana — mana.

Hiyoshi sendiri tidak terlalu ambil pusing. I highly recommend both Yoshikawa novels to anyone with an interest in feudal Japan. Yoshikawwa kedua, setelah diusir dari kuil karena membuat onar Hiyoshi kembali bertemu dengan Danjo.

As such, the prose simply fails to flow as I’m sure it does in the original. Jul 03, Bryan added it. Looking for beautiful books? I only gave it 3 stars, but for a person with more knowledge of Japan, and less ADD this is a 5 star book. Good book on a historic period of feudal strife in Japan.


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Inhe received the Order of Cultural Merit. He began his literary career at the age of twenty-two. I’m sure the book is magnificent in the original Japanese. Marga-marga pedesaan yang katanya tersohor melakukan hal-hal seperti itu, begitu juga para ronin.

After I stopped trying to keep every character straight, in my rapidly deteriorating mind, I was indonseia to enjoy the book far more.

The young Hideyoshi eventually becomes a sandal bearer for a minor warlord named Oda Nobunaga, a man destined to become one of Japan’s three great unifiers. Description In the tempestuous closing decades of the sixteenth century, the Empire of Japan writhes in chaos as the shogunate crumbles and rival warlords battle for supremacy. Kesetiaan, tanggung jawab, harga diri. He indonesa a poetry society and started writing comic haiku under the pseudonym “Kijiro”. However, subduing thousands of recalcitrant and proud clans is too arduous and hellacious even for a man like Nobunaga; and this is where Toyotomi Hideyoshi the future Kampaku, regent of Japan and later to be the Taiko, retired regent comes in.

Unfortunately, this personality is dropped in some of the later chapters, with much of his decision making before straightforward. Akhirnya Hiyoshi mengembara mencari pengalaman dengan berjualan jarum.