collection which Darnton has so successfully mined over the years. Some of them incidentally, is the chapter dealing with the great cat massacre, which as. The Great Cat Massacre. In Paris in the s, Robert Darnton | Published in History Today Volume 34 Issue 8 August 19th-century illustration of a. The Great Cat Massacre has ratings and reviews. Darnton aimed this book at both the popular and academic markets, according to his intro.

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I like cultural histories, so this was right in my wheelhouse.

British snobbishness like American racism is something innate in rather lot of the masacre population. The fourth chapter was kind of hilarious as it looks at the police reports written about ‘men of letters’ in the midth century – written by a man whose job was basically to keep an eye on these producers of culture, and who makes all sorts of comments on their appearance, their literary worth, and who they’re connected to. Darnton aimed this book at both the popular and academic markets, according to his intro.

These have been preserved in written form, altered to se This is collection of essays, albeit all serving a common purpose, and it would be sufficiently interesting to write a review discussing any one of them.

The third looks at what must be a really bizarre text created by a man living in Montpellier, which seems to want to present the entire town as text and which Darnton uses to try and get at what it might have meant to be or think of oneself as bourgeois.

The first, site-specific, was the opaque massacte of the fifth chapter.

All are based on written texts and most are private, handwritten items. In the remaining two chapters Darnton considers the particularly gruesome nature of French folk tales and the organization of Diderot’s Encyclopedia respectively.

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Which surprised me, and disappointed me somewhat.

I think I loved the first chapter the most – looking at peasants through the lens of folklore. She told him, and the wolf took off down a second path.

The Great Cat Massacre: And Other Episodes in French Cultural History

Thoth Harris I wonder if you actually read the book. Retrieved from ” https: Skip to main content. The book containing this account, The Great Cat Massacre and Other Episodes in French Cultural Historyhas become one of Darnton’s most popular writings; it has been published in eighteen grest.

When the apprentices of a Paris printing shop geat the ‘s held a series of mock trials and then hanged all the cats they could lay their hands on, why did they find it so hilariously funny that they choked with laughter when they reenacted it in pantomime some twenty times?

The apprentices grext this, rounded up all the cats they could find, beat them half to death and held a ‘trial’. May 29, Leif Erik rated it really liked it Shelves: Yes, there probably were fewer literate women at the time. It’s a pretty easy, quick read if you’re familiar with general European history.

The Great Cat Massacre was one of the books that helped treat overcome my aversion to reading about history I Claudius was another. However, they will get their daughters to help out with the kitties and puppy-walking and exercising of horses. Oct 24, Hilary rated it liked it. I like histories, but this one may be for the true Francophiles out there Darnton describes how, massacrr the apprentices suffered hard conditions, they came to resent the favours which their masters gave to their catsand contrived to deal with the nuisance cats by slaughtering them so as to distress their masters.


The Great Cat Massacre: And Other Episodes in French Cultural History by Robert Darnton

Read this for an undergrad history course. The City As Text. It also planted a strong suspicion that my previous difficulties with the subject were most likely due to the abysmal way in which it was taught.

By figuring that event, joke, ritual, etc. This is where the book became dnf and I took a star off because I only bought the book because of the great title.

The Great Cat Massacre – Wikipedia

And, for the encyclopedia section, include the dates of the prior encyclopedias used for comparison? Nov 05, Nastya Podhorna rated it it was amazing. Although I will admit the subject is a bit abstract and I can imagine for a lot of people it would be dull to tears. These include recordings and texts of fairy tales, a memoir of a ‘hilarious’ brutality to cats where the title comes froma man’s journal of his provincial French town, the dossiers of a police detective, L’Encyclopedie, or the letters of a man ordering Rousseau’s books and begging for information about his life.

The author,a historian, borrows from anthropology in an attempt to reconstruct the view of the world of the 18th century Frenchman. As such, the meant to someone in the Sixteenth Century conlict can be seen as a conlict between carried the same meaning to someone liv- the two liminal elements associated with ing in the Eighteenth.