The Series 65 Heat Detector monitors temperature by using a dual thermistor network The heat detector classes available in Series 65 are A1R, BR, CR, CS. The Series 65 Ionisation Smoke Detector uses a low activity radioactive foil to. The Series 65 Diode Base is designed for use with conventional systems that.

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Series 65 Auxiliary Relay Base.

When the sum apollo the resistance of the insulated thermistor and the fixed resistor compared to the resistance of the exposed thermistor reaches a preset value, an alarm is initiated. Inside the case a printed circuit board holds the signal processing electronics. Only registered customers can save products to project lists. This fall in the impedance of the detector is recognised by the control panel as an alarm signal.

Apply to standard and integrating versions 1. Disabling cookies may impair your experience of this website as some functionality relies on cookie information, and you may not be able to access certain areas of the site. At this point the covers must be removed.

Series 65 Standard Base

Every three seconds the LED emits a burst of collimated light, modulated at 4kHz. Do you have account with us. All detectors in the Series 65 range fit into Series 60 standard mounting bases. Nickel plated stainless steel wiper contacts connect the detector to the base. Do you have apillo with us.


Apollo S65 Series

Many recombine but a small electric current flows between the electrodes. Hello Aleks and Dave Many thanks firstly for the apol,o response. A flashing LED, as outlined above, is also included. Dear Lauren, very good and prompt services, thanks! This fall in the impedance of the detector is recognised by the control panel as an alarm signal. Thanks to Lauren for helping resolve a problem.

Series 65 detectors are used on small-to-medium sized systems, such as small industrial units, shop units and guest houses. Register or sign in to add products to your project list. The alarm latch aoollo also illuminates the detector integral LED.

Apollo Series 65 Optical Smoke Detector – APO

Now you are signed into MyApollo as an Apollo Customer, you can access all the portal features. Apollo Series 65 integrating ionisation smoke detector, no base Ionisation detectors use If air temperature increases rapidly the resistance of the exposed thermistor becomes less than that of the insulated thermistor. The Series 65 Ionisation Smoke Detector uses a low activity radioactive foil to detect fires by irradiating the air in the smoke chamber and causing a current flow.


I look forward to working with you guys again in the new year! These alarms meet approvals worldwide. New customers Please email your order to us at: At the end of their recommended working life of ten years, ionisation smoke detectors should be returned to Apollo for safe disposal or disposed of in an otherwise locally approved and environmentally safe manner.

See page 17 for details of the remote indicator. Thank you for the fast response. An earth connection is not required for either safety or correct operation of detectors. In clear air, light from the LED does not fall directly on the diode because the LED is positioned at an obtuse angle to the diode. Oops… Despite our best efforts, mistakes sometimes happen. In the event of smoke entering the chamber, the light pulse from the LED will be scattered and registered by the photo-diode.

Horizontal optical bench housing infra-red emitter and sensor, arranged radially to detect forward scattered light.